A Modern Day Guide to Therapeutic Lifestyle Design and Healing Chronic Stress from the Inside Out!

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Christina Pandolfo, MS, OTR/L, NC



Hi Bay Area! I’ll be facilitating another stress reduction workshop (‘Taking Care of Ourselves: Stress Reduction for the Modern Woman’) in coordination with Build Learn Thrive this July 14th! If you are looking for simple ways to get your life and body back into balance, this workshop is for you!

Does taking this workshop mean that your stress will magically disappear? Of course not; however you will leave the workshop with your own personalized tool-kit and self-care rituals that will help you journey through stress in a healthful way, and help remedy the effects of chronic stress on your body. 

Taking Care of Ourselves: Stress Reduction for the Modern Woman

When: July 14, 2017 4:00 pm- 5:00pm

Where: Hunter’s Threads, San Francisco

Cost: $30 per person

In this workshop participants will learn:


• The effects of (chronic) stress on the body and what to do about it

• Therapeutic nutrition and easy meal planning that help to support the body when under stress

• Vitamins, minerals, and adaptogenic herbs that help to maintain homeostasis in the body and support the body under stress

• How simple morning + evening self-care rituals soothe the body

• Self-care approaches to help decrease anxiety + stress

• Soothing breathing exercises and meditations

• How to incorporate the 7 self-care habits that keep you as healthy as possible and keep your stress under control

• The health hazards that increase toxic load and stress to your body

• How self-care is an act of self-love, especially as a parent and caregiver


Participants will leave this workshop with:

• A personalized self-care plan designed to nourish you from the inside out and keep stress under control

• An original workbook to support you with the topics covered including handouts on topics covered & recipes

Healthy snacks will be provided!

Email meilani@buildlearnthrive.com or thetherapeuticfoodie@gmail.com to register!