A Modern Day Guide to Therapeutic Lifestyle Design and Healing Chronic Stress from the Inside Out!

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Christina Pandolfo, MS, OTR/L, NC



At the core of my work as a therapist and nutritionist, I offer a compassionate client-centered and therapeutic approach with my programs. Programs focus on lifestyle transitions, special diets and dietary needs, and stress management for the whole family. With my clients I am known for making my programs and meal plans easy, fun, realistic, and delicious too!

Services offered:

  • In -depth Health Intake, Diet and Nutrition Evaluation
    • During your evaluation we will discuss your goals and I will create a personalized program for you based on your health and self-care concerns. Together we will work as a team to reach your goals and we will develop a personal plan that is fun, flexible, and rewarding. You will develop a deeper understanding of the food and lifestyle choices that work best for you. I will also send you follow-up material including recipes, and other wellness resources to help support you on your journey to better health.
  • Follow-Up Sessions
    • During your follow-up sessions we will check-in on your progress and how you are doing with your current program and goals. We will make adjustments as needed; I will continue to help support you with meal plans, recipes, and follow-up materials and resources. Together we will implement lasting lifestyle changes that will decrease stress levels, and increase your overall energy, balance, and health.
  • Program Packages Available in Addition to Evaluation and Individual Follow-up Sessions
    • Program # 1  includes Initial Visit and 2 additional visits. (3 visits total)
    • Program # 2 includes Initial Visit and 5 additional visits. (6 visits total)
    • Program # 3 includes Initial Visit and 8 additional visits. (9 visits total)
  • Personalized Therapeutic Lifestyle Programs Including:
    • Customized therapeutic meal plans according to current health concerns, lifestyle, values, environment, and goals
    • Personalized self-care plan to help heal and revitalize the body from burn-out, stress, and stress-induced illness
    • Stress Reduction & Health Education
    • Education and research on your current health issues
    • Health support complementary to that provided by other licensed professionals
  • Bay Area Clients
    • Personal Grocery Shopping, Grocery Store, and Farmer Market Tours
    • Cupboard and Kitchen Clean Out
      • Together we will sort through your kitchen and create a list of what to buy to re-stock your cupboard with healthy basics and whole foods.

My specialties include the following:

  • Special diets and dietary needs
  • Food allergies and food sensitivities, including recipe adaptation and support
  • Therapeutic lifestyle programs for stress management
  • Eating for blood sugar stabilization
  • Easy, quick and delicious whole-food cooking and recipes to support a therapeutic lifestyle

2020 Update: I am currently not accepting new clients at this time. Stay tuned for new blogs and website updates in the future. Wishing you a safe and healthy year ahead!