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Based in the San Francisco Bay Area

Christina Pandolfo, MS, OTR/L, NC



Client Testimonials

“Christina met with me to discuss and design a health and nutrition plan to address several concerns with my current health.  I have battled high cholesterol all my life and I had eating disorders that caused me to lose excessive weight during my busiest time of the year.  She coached me in the importance of eating my meals on a regular basis, especially the morning meal.  My intake of the wrong type of fats and lack of protein and carbohydrate combinations in the right proportions caused my energy level to be low throughout the day.  I ate sweets and carbs to increase my energy with a constant swing effect and no real sustaining energy level.  After entering the planed program with Christina I was able to restructure my intake of fats, proteins and carbs.  She educated me about the importance of not eating naked carbs without the proper intake of proteins and fats.  My cholesterol has dropped from as high as 398 to an all time current low of 206. I owe it all to Christina and her dedication and follow through”.

J.C., Bay Area, CA

“Christina Pandolfo has been very helpful to my family on our journey to a healthier lifestyle. She has customized eating plans for us to help with our particular needs in order for us to achieve our individual goals.  Whether it was losing unwanted pounds or having more energy throughout the day, Christina found a solution for us. She is extremely knowledgeable in nutrition and taught us how to eat for health. Not only did she introduce us to new foods that contained therapeutic ingredients, she also taught us how to prepare them and explained how they benefited our bodies. It isn’t always easy to make lifestyle changes but with a coach like Christina to guide you, it is a recipe for success”.

D. C., Bay Area, CA

“Before meeting Christina, I struggled with chronic systemic candida. I was addicted to sugar, carbs, and struggled with acne and bloating.  Christina helped me re-route my diet with a fun, healthy, and tasty approach. I now have more energy than ever, have flatter abs, and rarely get breakouts. What I love most is that Christina’s menus are totally easy, doable, and my relationship with food is now truly a therapeutic one vs. an abusive one or roller-coaster love affair! If you struggle with food addiction, weight issues, sugar bingeing, etc., Christina will help you get sorted out, and it won’t feel like punishment”.

A. M., Encinitas, CA

Workshop & Classes

“Christina was born to do this! During my four weeks of classes with Christina, I learned more about cooking healthy meals, and shopping for healthier and better quality ingredients. I am also better at reading labels. Christina is very enthusiastic about teaching women about healthier lifestyles and her enthusiasm was contagious to other members of the group. She always had healthy foods present at the classes which was nice. I also loved being in a group with other women – it felt like we were all working on a team. It was a great experience”.

Class Participant, Summer 2014

“I really learned so much from Christina’s classes, including eating for health, and also being mindful of what I’m actually eating. Christina has a great style of teaching, and there was never any pressure or judgement, which made me feel very comfortable”.

Class Participant, Summer 2014

“Christina is very knowledgeable, and a great leader. For our classes she was always very well prepared, and always provided us with handouts, and followed up class with emails later in the week. I’m not sure how the classes could be improved, unless Christina did all my weekly shopping”.

Class Participant, Summer 2014