A Modern Day Guide to Therapeutic Lifestyle Design and Healing Chronic Stress from the Inside Out!

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Christina Pandolfo, MS, OTR/L, NC


Welcome to The Therapeutic Foodie!

Welcome to The Therapeutic Foodie!

Welcome to The Therapeutic Foodie! My name is Christina Pandolfo, and I am an Occupational Therapist, Holistic Nutritionist/Certified Nutrition Consultant, and Wellness Practitioner with over a decade’s worth of healthcare experience helping others on their healing journey towards optimal wellness and best version of themselves. As a therapist and nutritionist, my mission and passion is to help burned out women with chronic stress and stress-related illnesses find their path to heal and revitalize their bodies through therapeutic nutrition and (life)style.

The Therapeutic Foodie will be featuring weekly blog posts on Thursdays (Therapeutic Thursdays!) and will feature the following topics:

  • Easy, nutrient- dense recipes to add back nutrients to your body that stress depletes (including recipe adaptation for allergies)
  • Whole-foods cooking and (life)style
  • Herbs, and botanicals that help fight stress and illness
  • Self-Care and stress management topics to help guide you on your healing journey
  • Food + Travel
  • Digestive Health
  • Product and Supplement Reviews
  • Inspirational Topics
  • Last, but not least, my pup and little furry love, Domino!

I have always believed that our bodies were built with an innate capacity to heal. I, and many others are living proof of that. When our bodies are constantly in a stressed- out state, it is very difficult to regain our health and balance in life. When we learn how to turn off the stress response and work with it, our bodies regain its sense of balance, and helps to make healing possible.

At the core of my practice and my blog,  I want to empower women to get to the root cause of their stress, and also to deeply love and nourish their bodies in order to support their health. As a healthcare professional and as someone who has navigated health struggles myself, I have a deep passion for this work! I utilize a unique approach in working with my clients due to my own personal healing journey and synergistic blend of my professional background and education in occupational therapy, nutrition, exercise physiology, and the healing arts. My integrative style offers clients a customized roadmap to healing, stress reduction, and balanced living.

I am so excited to begin this new journey with you as The Therapeutic Foodie! Feel free to take a look around my site, and contact me with any questions you may have!


-Christina 🙂

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